Anna And Barbie

Anna knelt in her 'secret place'. It was dark. The only light came in through 
a crack in the wall. When her family had moved intothis house a year ago she 
had found this small cubby-hole behind a secret panel in her closet. She had 
covered the entrance with some clothes and hadn't told anyone about it. 

Whenever she wanted to be alone, she could come here and nobody could 
 f ind her. Tonight she knelt, naked, here so she could 'pet' herself. 
She didn't know why it felt so good when she petted herself, but she knew she 
didn't want her parents to know. She was sure her mother would tell her it 
'wasn't right'. She had overheard her sister getting lectured about it a few 
years ago, and now she knew why her sister did it. 

Anna's sister Barbie was 15 to Anna's 11. Through the crack in the 
wall she could see into her sister's room. She knew that Barbie still petted 
herself, even after she was told not to. Now Anna watched through the crack 
to see if her sister would do it again tonight. Barbie lay in bed, still, but 
not asleep. Anna was about to give up on her when Barbie sat up in bed 
suddenly, then went to the window. Anna couldn't see the window clearly, but 
when Barbie came back into sight, she had a boy with her. It was Alan 
Thompson. Anna thought Barbie had stopped going out with him because their 
mother didn't like him. "I guess not." Anna thought. 

Barbie started kissing the boy and removing his shirt. She kissed his 
chest and licked his nipples. Anna thought how good that must feel as she 
flicked her own tiny nipples with her fingers. Barbie was now removing his 
pants. Alan closed his eyes and licked his lips a little. Anna wondered what 
her sister was going to do. Anna had never seen a boys privates, but her 
mother had told her that they were different from hers. She watched intently 
as Barbie retrieved Alan's penis from his boxers. It was long and round and 
kind of funny looking. Anna almost giggled at the shape. She could barely 
make out Alan saying something like "Suck my cock." This was followed by 
Barbie sushing him so no one would hear. 

Anna thought his private part must be called a 'cock'. Barbie took 
Alan's cock into her mouth. Anna wondered if she were going to eat it. She 
was almost relieved when she saw it emerge again from her sister's mouth, 
intact. Barbie was licking it like a lolly-pop. She licked for a minute or 
so and then some white stuff squirted out of the end of it into Barbie's 
mouth. Anna wondered what that was, but it looked awfully messy as her sister 
tried to clean it up. After Barbie had wiped the stuff up with some kleenex, 
she raised up her nightie and sat down on her bed. Anna couldn't see as well, 
but sould tell Alan's hand was doing something. After a minute or two, Barbie 
began so jerk around on the bed. Anna decided Alan must have been petting her 
and decided it must feel really good. Barbie finally lay still again. Alan 
leaned over her and kissed her again. Then he put his clothes back on and 
must have left through the window. 

All this time Anna had been petting herself very slowly. She wanted 
to make sure she didn't 'go over' as she called it, too fast. Anna had 
decided the show was over for the night, but then her sister got up and went 
out of view. When she came back, she had pulled off her nightie altogether. 
Barbie was blonde with fairly large breasts (for 15) and a round bottom to 
match. Anna thought about how nice her sisters bottom was. Anna licked her 
middle finger and moved it to her own bottom-hole. Anna wasn't sure why she 
liked sticking her finger in her bottom so much, but she knew that she'd like 
to stick it in Barbie's bottom too. She slowly relaxed her bottom-hole until 
she could slide about half of her middle finger into it. She continued pettin g 
herself with her other hand and she wiggled her finger in her bottom. This 
felt really great. 

Anna looked up and noticed Barbie on the egde of her bed with her legs 
spread, and she had a white cylinder of some kind in her hand. She seemed to 
push it into herself somehow. Anna thought she must be putting it in her 
privates. Anna had tried putting her finger in her privates, but it hurt too 
much if she pushed very hard. She found she could push her finger into her 
bottom much further if she licked it enough. She was still watching her 
sister intently. Barbie began to wiggle on the bed again, this time even more 
than with Alan. Anna licked her middle finger again, getting it real wet with 
spit and stuck it all the way in her bottom. The sensation was too much for 
the little girl and she almost whimpered as she went 'over'. 
When Anna looked back up again, she got a better look at the white 
thing Barbie had had in her privates. It was about 7 inches long and about 
1-1/2 inches thick. She wondered how it would feel in her bottom. She 
decided to find out. 

A few days later, Barbie was out in the backyard in the pool. Anna 
knew her parents wouldn't be home for another 2 hours at least. She slipped 
into her sister's bedroom. Since Anna and Barbie were the only children, they 
had always had room to have seperate bedrooms. Anna knew that barbie kept a 
lot of things hidden in her dresser somewhere, but from the view she had in 
her secret place, she could never quite tell where. She opened the bottom 
drawer and looked through the clothes in it. She didn't find anything. She 
went to the next drawer. Then the next. The top drawer was almost too high 
for her. She pulled it open a little too far and the drawer slipped out and 
dropped to the floor with a loud thud. She hoped her sister couldn't hear 
that out in the pool. She quickly tried to figure out how to put the drawer 
back in, when she noticed something inside the dresser, behind where the top 
drawer went. It was some kind of box. She reached in a pulled the box out. 

Just then Barbie rushed into the room. "Anna, are you alright?" she 
asked before she noticed the drawer."Barbie. I thought you were in the pool." 
"Well I was in the Kitchen getting a drink when I heard -." She 
stopped realizing where they were and what her sister had found. "What are 
you doing in here?" 
"Looking for this." Anna held up the long white thing she had seen 
her sister use on herself. 
"You're too young for that. What do you know about that?" 
"I know you put it in you the other night. And I know Alan was here." 
"How did you know that?" Barbie glared at her sister. 
"I can't tell. But I will tell Mom and Dad about Alan unless you 
show me what to do with this." 
"You little extortionist." Barbie said almost admiring her sister's 
cunning. "Alright, what do you want to know?" Barbie was still in her damp 
one piece bathing suit. Anna's red hair was pulled back through a baseball 
cap. She had on a pair of shorts and a tube top to keep cool since it was so 
hot this summer. 

"Get undressed and show me how this thing works." Barbie slipped out 
of her one piece bathing suit and sat on the bed. 
"Hand me my box." Barbie motioned to the box Anna had found in the 
dresser. Anna brought it to her. Barbie pulled out a tube and the white 
cylinder. She help up the white thing and said "This is a vibrator." She 
indicated the tube in her other hand. "This is KY jelly. It makes things 

"Where did you get them?" Anna asked. 
"Aunt Jenny gave me the vibrator and told me how to give a blow job, 
like I did to Alan. She said it would help me keep the boys happy, and the 
vibrator would keep me happy, and I wouldn't end up pregnant. I got the KY at 
the hospital. It's been pretty easy to sneak some out since I'm volunteering 
as a Candy-stiper on tuesday and thursday mornings this summer." Barbie 
flipped the cap open on the KY and squirted some of the clear lube onto the 
vibrator. She put down the KY on the bed beside her. "You wanted an 
education, little sister? Well this is my pussy." She pulled back the lips 
around her pussy. "And this is my clitty." She flicked it lightly with her 
finger and bit her lip a bit with pleasure. "Do you ever play with your 
clitty, Anna?" Anna was watching mesmerized by her sister's lewdness.

She nodded silently. "Take off your clothes, Anna. I want to see you play with yourself. 
Pet your clitty for me." Anna pulled off her shorts and underwear at the same 
time, then removed her tube top. She had been in control before, but now she 
was so rapt in this scene from her dreams before her, that she could not help 
but obey. She knelt down like she had so many times in her secret place, and 
began to pet herself. She started to lick her middle finger, but decided she 
should not play with her bottom until the time was right. 
"I'm about to fuck myself with this vibrator." Barbie smeared the 
jelly around the entire length of the white shaft. She lay back and slid the 
vibrator ever so slowly into her pussy. This time Anna had a superb view of 
what was happening. She flicked her clitty as she had seen her sister do 
before. She jumped, startled at the intense pleasure it sent through her. 
She did it again. and again. In just a few minutes she was going over. She 
let herself gasp aloud. 

"That's right baby sister. Cum for your big sis. Cum for me Anna." 
Barbie coaxed.When Anna had partly recovered she could see her sister 
pounding the vibrator into herself furiously. Seconds later, she was cumming too. 
After a few minutes both had recovered. "We'd better clean up quick. 
Mom and Dad will be home soon." Anna agreed and the girls got dressed and 
cleaned up everything. 
That night, after their parents were asleep, Anna went to Barbie's 
room. "Barbie?" Anna peeked in through the door. 
"I expected to see you tonight, sis. More education?" 
Anna nodded. She really wanted to see more of Barbie's body. Anna 
closed the door behind her. Barbie was already nude, and Anna pulled off her 
gown on her way to Barbie's bed. "Is Alan coming again tonight?" 

"No. His Grandparents are in town for the next week and he can't get 
out at night. Have you ever let any one else pet you?" 
"Why don't you lay back and let your big sis take care of you." 
Anna laid back in the bed with her legs slightly spread. Barbie lay 
between Anna's legs propped up on one elbow. She slowly touched the nearly 
hairless 11 year old mound. She rubbed up and down over Anna's vulva. Anna 
was in heaven. Involuntarily she spread her legs further, until they 
were spread as wide as they could go.

This spreading parted her nether lips and Barbie was given a good view of her
little sister's pussy. She rubbed her hand into the slit and up and down. 
Anna moaned lightly and bit her lip to keep from being any louder. 
Barbie's hand was slippery with her sisters juices she began to flick Anna's little clitoris.

Anna jumped at the first few flicks then settled into the shear pleasure of the 
experience. In just a minute her clitoris was swolen to twice normal size and with 
one last flick, she was cumming. This was more intense than any of her little cums in 
her secret place had been. Her little body shuddered over and over, until 
she finally calmed after a few minutes. 

Barbie smiled at her little sister. "Was that a good cum?" 
"That was the best!" Anna said emphatically. "Can I do you now?" 
Barbie smiled again. "I want you to kiss me on my pussy." 
"Okay," Anna said, puzzled. She wasn't sure why her sister wanted her to 
kiss her on her privates, on her pussy. But she decided it was worth trying. 
Barbie layed back, her large breasts jiggled a bit as she plopped 
back. She spread her legs widely, knowing what would come next. Anna lay 
between Barbie's legs and started to kiss her on the thigh. She wanted to 
work her way to her big sister's pussy slowly, just to tease her. She had no 
idea how erotic this would be to Barbie. Barbie's breathing got heavier and 
she almost moaned a few times. Finally Anna reached her sister's moist 
center. She kissed her directly on the clit. This time it was Barbie's turn 
to jump in pleasure. Anna began to lick and suck on Barbie's clit like a pro. 
In just minutes, Barbie was shivering with orgasm. 

Anna moved up and sat down beside her sister. Barbie lay still for a 
minute then Anna asked, "did YOU have a good cum, sis?" 
"It was the Best!" she replied. Both sisters giggled at the deja vu. 
After a moment, Anna got up the courage to ask a question. "Barbie, 
since I tried something new for you, will you try something for me?" 
"Well," Anna hesitated, afraid of what her sister would think. "Would 
you put your finger in my bottom." 
"Ooough. I'd get it messy." She said. 
"Okay." Anna began to pout as only little girls can. 

After a minute Barbie had an idea. "I'll tell you what. I'll get some 
surgical gloves from the hospital Tuesday and we can try it, okay?" 
"Okay!" Anna was excited again. 
"I've heard that the doctors somtimes have to use them for that. 
I think they call it a rectal exam. And this way I can do what 
you want and not get messy." 

The weekend passed and Anna was staying over with a friend. She 
couldn't wait to get back to see her sister, though. When she got back home 
Monday, her parents stayed up late watching movies, and she couldn't get to 
her sister's room.Tuesday morning finally came. When Anna got up it was 10:30. 
She only had to wait an hour and a half for Barbie to get home. She decided to 
watch some TV. After several game shows, Barbie came home. 
"Hi Barbie. Did you remember the stuff you were going to get?" 
"I did. And I have a little surprise for you too. You wait in here 
until I'm ready." Barbie went into the kitchen. Anna wondered what the 
surprise was. She was wearing a mini-dress, with white panties with little 
purple flowers on them. She was wondering if she should undress when her 
sister called through the swinging doors of the kitchen. 
"Anna Bates." Barbie was still in her candy-striper outfit. She held a clipboard 
in one hand. Anna went to the kitchen. "Right this way miss Bates." 
She ushered her little sister into the kitchen. The kitchen had a center counter. 
Mom had said that she worked better in a kitchen with this kind of counter. 
Barbie had cleaned the counter off and laid down white paper 
over the top of it so that it looked like an exam table. 'Nurse' Barbie 
lifted her patient onto the 'exam table'. "Miss Bates," she said, trying to 
sound authoritative, "I need to take your temperature rectally. Please 
remove your panties." 

Anna felt a thrill run down her back. This was kind of neat and kind 
of scary and made her really horny all at once. She pulled up her skirt and 
slipped her panties down her creamy legs and off. In the bright kitchen 
light, her red pubic fuzz almost glowed. 
"Please lay back back and hold each leg under the knee with your arms." 
The 11 year old was still very limber and actually layed back with a leg 
tucked completely under each arm. Her young, round, white bottom now 
stuck lewdly up into the air. "Very good, Miss Bates." Without furtherwarning, 
Barbie slid the cold probe into her sister's tiny ass pucker. Anna moaned 
pretty loudly this time, not concerned about anyone hearing, since her parents 
would not be home for another 4 hours. Barbie stared at the lewdness of the sight. 
Her little eleven-year old sister with her butt in the air and a thermometer stuck out of 
it. She had thought today's 'play-time' would be disgusting, but instead she felt a 
strange desire building in her, one she had notfelt before. She stayed in her 
role for now, though. 

She pulled out the thermometer. It was completely clean except for the small amount
of KY she had applied to it. She pretended to have read it as she wiped it off. 

"Hmmm. Miss Bates, I'm not sure what these readings mean. I'm afraid I'll have
to give you a rectal exam to find out. Anna had heard her sister use those words before.
She almost came just thinking about 'Nurse' barbie probing her bottom with her finger. 
She heard her sister snap on the surgical glove. 

Barbie squirted KY onto the index finger of the glove. She walked 
over to her sisters young, round ass, presented totally vulnerable for her. 
She had a sense of power. She knew her baby sister wanted her to plunge into 
her tiny asshole with her finger. She placed her well lubed, gloved finger 
over the opening. 

Anna felt a sudden rush of feelings from her bottom-hole. She felt 
full and tingly and wonderful. Barbie shoved the finger in hard, all the way 
in. Anna began to moan constantly, unable to speak or even think about 
anything but the sensations inside her bottom. 
Barbie had lost any hope of keeping enough composure to keep up the 
'Nurse' role. She swirled her finger delicately inside her sister's butt. 
She twisted it and pulled it out. Then wiggled it as she slid it back in. 
The hole seemed to loosen up some, and Barbie wondered briefly if she should 
try another finger. She decided to wait till later. Anna's little bottom-hole felt hungry.
She loved the sensations. 

Barbie's finger plunged in again, deeper than ever before. The pressure sent 
her spinning over the edge of orgasm. Wave after wave hit her like a typhoon 
battering a beach. Finally her climax subsided. 
Barbie removed her finger slowly, lust glazing her eyes after seeing 
Anna's intense orgasm. Anna let her legs drop back down finally. "Thank you 
sis. That was better than I had ever imagined. If these keep getting 
better, I may not be able to stand it." 
"You will, little sister. You will." Barbie's desire was building. 
"Let's clean this stuff up and go upstairs." 

Up in Barbie's room, both girls had stripped naked. They lay on the 
bed holding each other, kissing and hugging. Anna was playing with her 
sister's big titties, which made her start feeling horny again. 
"Will you play with my butt like I did yours?" Barbie asked, almost as 
tentatively as Anna had asked her a few days ago. "Of course I will, silly. 
I've been wanting to put my finger in your bottom for weeks." Barbie got 
up on all fours and dropped her shoulders to the bed, so that her ass protruded up. 
She reached behind her and pulled her cheeks apart. 
Anna decided her sisters butt looked so good, she wanted to kiss it. 
She knelt between Barbie's feet and put her face to her big sister's butt-hole. 
She puckered up and kissed it with a resounding pop. 
Shivers ran down Barbie's spine. No one had ever done this to her before. 
The sensations were completely foreign, but wonderful. She felt what must 
be her little sister's tongue licking around her ass pucker. Then the tip pushed 
into her. The feelings were so strong, it was hard for her to relax her anus. 
She wondered if she would be able to take even her sister's little fingers. 

Anna put KY on her first two fingers. She pushed one, then the other into her 
sister's firm butt. As she began to wiggle them around until she felt her sister's bum 
begin to relax. She pulled her fingers back out and sild her head under her sister's crotch. 
She playfully flicked her sister's clit with her tongue. Barbie loved having her clit licked. 
And her baby sister was becoming an expert. She felt her orgasm approaching. Then Anna 
shoved her first two fingers back into Barbie's anus. She immediately lost all control 
and spasmed in a relentless orgasm. 

Anna watched her sister spasming above her. She wished she could have 
put ALL her fingers in her sister's bottom. And she wanted more in her own. 
When Barbie had rolled off of her, she got up and went to her big sister's 
hiding place and returned with the vibrator. She waited for her sister to 
recover before she handed it to her. 
"You want me to use this on you? You are a horny little girl aren't 
you? Have you ever had anything in your pussy before?" 
"I don't want it in my pussy. I want you to put it in my bottom." 
Barbie looked at her insatiable little sister and wondered briefly if 
her little butt would ever get enough. "Alright, but you have to ask right." 
"What do I say?" Anna wanted to know. 
"Say 'I want you to shove it up my butt.'" 

The little girl seemed to struggle with the idea at first, then 
decided it made her feel more dirty and made the whole thing more exciting. 
"Barbie, I want you to shove that vibrator up my butt. Shove it in as hard 
and deep as you can." 
Barbie was surprised that she picked up on this so fast. It thrilled 
her to hear her eleven year-old sister talking so dirty. Anna got on her knee s 
on the thick carpet and leaned over a smooth cedar chest at the foot of her 
sister's bed. Her butt was now spread and easily accessible to Barbie's 
probing. Barbie spread KY all over the 1-1/2 inch thick vibrator. She knelt 
behind her little sister. She caressed Anna's buttocks with one hand then 
pulled them apart. She placed the tip of the vibrator against her sister's 
already loosened little ass-hole. 

Anna felt so open and vulnerable like this. It made her feel tingly. 
She felt the cold tip of the instrument at her butt-hole. She rembered words 
she had heard her sister use. "Fuck me, sis. Shove that big cock up my ass." 
Talking dirty made her feel even more sexy. Barbie slowly slid the tip into 
her sister's anus. Anna moaned with pleasure. Already she was feeling more 
stretched than she had earlier. It felt incredible. 

After several reassuring moans from Anna, Barbie slid the rest of the 
white vibrator into her baby sister's rectum in one long stroke. Even Anna's 
immature bowels almost swallowed the thing completely, and Barbie had to be 
careful to have enough to hold on to. She pulled it back out again, then 
placed the tip against Anna's sphincter and shoved it back in, harder and 
faster than the first time. Anna's moaning increased each time the speed of 
the entry increased. Soon Barbie was pounding her baby sister's 11 year-old 
butt-hole at a fever pitch. 

Anna couldn't believe the sensations. She had never felt so full, so complete, so 
incredibly wonderful. She moaned louder and louder each time her big sister 
pounded her stretched little asshole. Barbie stopped for just a second, and 
when she resumed, 
Anna realized she had turned on the vibrator! The sensations were suddenly too 
much for her, and her mind went reeling as her body felt previously unknown pleasures. 
When Barbie finally stopped shoving the vibrator mercilessly into her 
sister, she realized that she must have passed out from her orgasm. She 
wondered what that would be like. She decided she would have to try this too. 

For now, though, her little sister was completely exhausted and needed some 
rest. She wiped the grease from Anna's butt, and then carried her to her room 
and put her to bed. 

A few weeks later, one afternoon when their parents were at work, 
Barbie and Anna lay on Barbie's bed. Over the past few weeks, Barbie had 
fucked Anna's 11 year old behind many times with the vibrator. Spurred on by 
her little sister's lust for this treatment, she had tried and loved it many 
times herself. Anna had just had an especially good orgasm and was 
resting before she would return the favor to her big sister. 
Anna got up and took the vibrator to the bathroom and cleaned it up for her sister. 

When she returned Barbie was sitting up looking at Anna lustily. "What is it, sis?" 
the little girl asked. 
"I have something different in mind today. I want you to use your 
fingers on me again like before." 
Anna looked puzzled. "I thought you liked the vibrator better because 
it is bigger and longer?" 
"I do, but you'll see what I have in mind." 
Barbie got on all fours with her shoulders on the bed and her hands on 
either side of her ass, spreading it wide for her sister's inspection. It was 
a familiar position, and not entirely comfortable, but it seemed to make for 
the easiest and deepest penetration, which she had come to desire. 
"Put on one of the surgical gloves I brought home." Anna obeyed her 
sister. "Now cover the whole thing in KY." Anna caught on to what her sister 

"Oh Barbie, I wanted to put my whole hand in you before, but I was 
afraid I might hurt you." 
"Don't worry little sister. If it hurts I'll stop you." 
Anna got on the bed behind her 15 year old sister. She pushed two, 
then three fingers into Barbie's bottom with ease. 
She wiggled them around for a minute then added her pinky to the other three. 
Barbie felt her asshole stretching to accomodate the larger intrusion. 
It was like nothing else mattered. Her whole being was focused on her butt 
hole. She felt the fingers wiggling inside her and it sent chills up her 
Anna used her free hand to play with Barbie's clitty while she worked 
on her bottom with the other. After a few minutes of pushing and twisting, 
she had worked her thumb into the hole with her other fingers. Her big 
sister's hole was squeezing so tight on her hand she almost couldn't 
stand it. 
Barbie felt her 11 year old sister's thumb slip into her and she 
involuntarily tightened up for a second. After the sensation passed she told 
her sister "Pull your hand out and make a fist with your thumb under your 
fingers. Now push it into me all the way." Barbie pushed out with all her 
strength, as her sister's small fist shoved it's way into her bowels. She 
grunted as she felt the knuckles finally slip on into her rectum, and her 
asshole contracted on her sister's tiny wrist. 

Anna could barely believe her eyes. Her whole hand had disappeared 
inside her sister's bottom. She thought of how good it must feel to be filled 
up so much. She doubled her efforts at her sister's clit and began to twist 
her hand around inside Barbie. 
Barbie couldn't believe the incredible sensations. She had never felt 
so completely full in her life. Her clit tingled with Anna's stimulation. 
She felt her orgasm coming like a tornado. Lightning pleasure shocks shot out 
from her stuffed rectum as the most powerful orgasm of her life ripped through 
her. She convulsed and screamed with the overwhelming sensations. 
Anna was a little startled at first when Barbie screamed. But when 
she saw the look of shear ecstasy on her big sister's face, she knew she'd 
really enjoyed it. 
Barbie collapsed on the bed, exhausted from her gut wrenching orgasm. 
She had no idea how much time had passed, but when she finally came back to 
reality, Anna was cleaning up the mess they had made. Barbie thought about 
how much she admired that insatiable little 11 year old, and how thankful she 
was for their fun times together. 

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