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The Check-Up 

"Can I help you?" asked the young nurse at the window. I hadn't seen her in the office before and I wondered if she was new. 

"I'm here for my 4:45 appointment," I explained, looking down her list of appointments. I pointed to the last line. "Sue." It was already after 5:00, but I knew the doctor would wait. 

"Okay great," she said, crossing off my name. "The receptionist is gone today and I'm not the regular nurse, so please bear with us. Come on around." 

I followed her through the door and down the hall to the last room. I hung my purse on the back of a chair and sat on the edge of the examination table. She quickly stuck a thermometer in my mouth and turned back to my chart. 

"This is just an annual checkup?" she asked. 

I shook my head yes. 

"When was your last period?" 

"Two weeks ago," I mumbled, holding the tip of the thermometer with my finger. 

"Are you having any problems?" 

I shook my head no. She stopped writing and opened the cupboard above her, quickly pulling out various instruments and packages, and placing them on a tray. Just as quickly, she took my blood pressure, pulled the thermometer out of my mouth, and returned to my chart. I missed the friendly conversation of the regular nurse. After noting the readings, she opened a drawer and handed me a gown and a paper cover. 

"You'll need to take everything off," she explained. "The gown ties in the back." 

"Okay, thanks." 

"Dr. Sebastian will be with you in a few minutes." 

As she left the room, I began to undress. I hung my clothes on a hook and slipped on the thin, cotton gown, tying only the strings at the top. The doorknob was just starting to turn as I sat back down on the edge of the examination table. 

"Hi Sue," said Dr. Sebastian, reaching out to shake my hand. His dark curly hair accented his tall frame and he looked like he just showered. "It's good to see you again." 

"Hi Keith," I answered. 

"It's been a crazy day without my regular nurse or receptionist." He collapsed onto his stool and smiled at me. "I hope you didn't have to wait long." 

"I know better than to be on time with you," I teased. It wasn't the first time I had been to his office. 

"Good," he said, opening my chart and reading the nurses notes. "So it's time for you PAP smear, huh?" 


He looked at his watch quickly and then smiled at me. "Do you want me to have a nurse in here while I do the exam?" 

"No," I said, chuckling. "Having you to deal with is more than enough." 

He brushed off the snide remark and stepped out of the room for a moment. When he returned, he was saying good-bye. 

"I told her she could leave for the day," he informed me as he came back into the room. "She says to tell you that she's eternally grateful." 

"Are all your nurses so happy to get away from you?" 

"Be nice to me," he warned, "or I won't use the warm instruments." 

I grinned as he walked over to the table and pulled a small flashlight from his pocket. He held my chin as he moved the light from eye to eye and then screwed a small cap on the end to look in my ears. 

"Everything looks fine there," he said, checking the last ear. He reached behind my neck and untied the gown and began to pull it off my shoulders. "Okay, let's check your breasts." 

This was always the difficult part for me. Where does one look when a doctor is examining your breast? Certainly not the floor, but then again, not into his eyes. His crotch was probably out of the question, so I settled on the pocket of his shirt. With the gown dropped to my waist, he stepped back and asked me to raise both arms up in the air. After a moment of scrutiny, he walked back over to the table and lowered one arm, but kept the other extended as he began his examination. 

It was hard to make small talk as he methodically circled my breast, so I kept quiet and waited. Fortunately, he seemed to have a standard set of questions. 

"Do you check your breasts regularly?" 

"Yes," I answered, keeping my eyes on the pocket, now only inches away. 

"Do you do it like this?" he asked, switching to the other breast, "or lying down?" 

"Usually lying down." 

He continued moving his fingers delicately around my breast, circling closer and closer toward the nipple. It was already hard and erect from his touch, and I felt exposed by my body's reaction. 

"Okay, lay back for me," he said, reaching under my knees and pulling out the table extension. The gown remained around my waist so that I lay naked from the waist up as he came to the side of the table to repeat the breast exam. We made eye contact briefly before he resumed and I smiled awkwardly, quickly seeking out a new focus point. I decided on one of the dots in the 
ceiling tile. 

"Are you having any problems I should know about?" 

"Well… kind of," I admitted. 

"Like what?" 

"Well, I've been trying to get pregnant and it hasn't happened yet." 

He squeezed my nipple hard and I quickly looked back at him. 

"Sorry," he apologized, "Just checking to see if any fluid came out. How long have you been trying?" 

"For a few months." 

"Well, it's probably nothing," he assured me. "But we'll check it out." 

"And sometimes…" I continued, "it hurts when I have sex." 

"During deep penetration?" 

I could feel my face flush and nodded my head in agreement. He checked the other breast and pressed on my tummy before moving to the bottom of the table. 

"Okay," he said, pushing the table extension in and pulling out the stirrups. "Slide down to the end of the table for me and put your feet in here." 

He guided my feet as I moved down to where I thought the end was, but he had me continue until my ass felt like it was off the table. He draped the paper sheet over my thighs and peered over the top as he slid on his plastic gloves. My gown lay draped around my waist and I wondered if I was suppose to slip it back on. 

"Are you okay?" he asked, squeezing some K-Y jelly onto his glove. 

"Yes," I whispered. 

He pressed two fingers inside of me and felt around my cervix and vaginal walls. I wondered if he could tell how wet I was from his examination. I kept my eyes on the dot in the ceiling as he simultaneously pressed down on my tummy with one hand while pressing up through my vagina with his finger. 

"Any discomfort when I press here?" 

"No," I answered. He moved to the other side and pressed in again. 

"What about here?" 


He pressed against my cervix and watched my face for any change in expression. It felt good, but I tried not to reflect that. He rubbed his fingers along the back wall, and when I didn't respond, he twisted his hand and snaked it along the g-spot. I bit my lip, but my body responded with a twitch. 

"Does that hurt?" he asked, rubbing it again. 

"Well," I hesitated. He pressed harder and I let out a gasp and then giggled. "It doesn't hurt, but I'm having a hard time telling you to stop." 

"Yes, this is an interesting little gland here," he said, setting down on his stool so that he was hidden behind the paper drape. 
"Do you ever squirt fluid during intercourse?" 

"What?" I asked in disbelief. 

"This gland will actually squirt fluid in some women when stimulated like this." He pressed against it harder and I gripped the tabled and bit my lip to keep from making noise, but the tension in my legs was becoming obvious. 

"I think you better stop if you don't want to get wet," I warned. 

"I suppose you're right," he said, standing back up and withdrawing his hand. I was actually disappointed that he stopped. He put more K-Y jelly on the glove and moved closer to the table. 

"Okay, just relax," he said, pressing against my anus. "I'm going to check your rectum." 

I had barely recovered from him rubbing my g-spot when he started pressing his fingers up my ass. I met his glance as he pressed deeper and twisted them around. 

"Any discomfort?" 

I rolled my eyes at him and he cracked a smile. "I'll take that as a 'no'." 

He pulled off the gloves and dropped them in the trash, and then ran the speculum under warm water before returning to his stool. The warm pressure felt luxurious as he slid it inside and expanded the sides. 

"Ooh," I squealed. "That's a nice touch." 

"We always aim to please." He took the PAP smear sample and examined the inside of my vagina with a light. "You have a nice, healthy, pink cervix." 

"Why thank you," I answered demurely. 

He withdrew the instrument and placed it in the sink, and closed up the lab samples before returning to the end of the table. 

"I'd like to take a transvaginal ultrasound if it's alright with you." 

"What's that?" 

"It works just like an external ultrasound, but I can get a clearer picture by going at it from the inside." 

"The inside?" 

"Here, let me show you," he said, wheeling the table in the corner closer to me. He held up an instrument that looked like a cross between a microphone and my vibrator. "This slides up inside of your vagina and lets me see your ovaries and uterus." 

"Oh… okay." 

He moved the table a tad closer and poured some kind of goop all over the end of it before inserting it inside of me. He moved it around while watching the screen and playing with the buttons on the machine. In my opinion, it felt just like my dildo when he moved it around. I squirmed as he tilted up and ran it along my g-spot and bit my lip to stay quiet. 

"Everything looks normal…" he said, moving it around again. I squirmed on the table and turned to look at me. "Did that hurt?" 

"No, sorry..." I grinned mischievously, and he chuckled. 

"You like my expensive toys, huh?" he joked, pulling it out and wiping it off. 

I didn't answer as he walked back over to my chart and wrote down some notes. I was so turned on by his poking and prodding, and lying naked on the table that I wished he would leave the room so I could masturbate. 

"You know…," he said, staring at my chart. "It looks like you're probably ovulating right now." 

"Really?" I asked. "How do you know?" 

"Well, you're temps up a little and it's been two weeks since your last period." 

"Hmm… so if I want to get pregnant, I should be having sex right now?" 

"Yes," he said, laying his pencil down and meeting my gaze. My heart jumped as we confirmed the next move. He walked to the door and pressed in the lock, and then returned to the bottom of the examination table. His hands were busy, but I couldn't see what he was doing behind the drape. 

"Do you think you can help me?" I asked. 

"I'll have to use one of my special instruments," he said, pulling my ass down even further off the table. He rubbed his cock against my clit and I squirmed on the table. 

"Will it hurt?" I whimpered. 

"Well, it's suppose to feel good," he said, pressing his cock inside. He moved it in and out a few times, lubricating it with my juices and then pushed it all the way in. 

"Oh!" I cried out. 

"Does that hurt?" he asked. 

"A little," I whined. He took shorter strokes and pressed his finger down at the top of my clit. I could barely keep my feet in the stirrups. 

"How's that?" he asked. 

"Oh… much better," I panted, biting my lip. 


"Uh huh…" 

"What about there?" Somehow he redirected his cock so that it was hitting the g-spot. 

"Oh yeah," I groaned. "That's good." 

My tits bounced back and forth as he pumped his cock in and out, and I grabbed them and pinched the nipples. He stared at them as he fucked me, his mouth half open in concentration. I could feel myself starting to come and his expression told me he was only waiting for me. 

"Right there," I pleaded. "Yeah… right there." 

I felt a rush of warm juice run down my ass as I came. Clasping my hands over my mouth, I squealed into my palms to keep from making too much noise. When I peeked out from behind them after a few moments, I was met with a half smile of accomplishment just as he plunged back in for his own final triumph. 

"Oh god," he whispered, jerking uncontrollably, his hands gripped beneath my thighs. "Yes… oh yes…" He closed his eyes and drifted off for a few moments as he released every last sperm into me. When he was finally done, he quietly zipped his trouser back up and wiped off my bottom with tissues. 

"I think that might have done the trick," he said confidently. 

"Well, it was a hell of a try anyway." 

He pulled the table extension back out and took my feet from the stirrups and laid them to rest in the middle. I smiled as he pulled a real blanket from the bottom drawer and covered me. 

"Why don't you lay here and rest for a few minutes and let those little guys swim north." 

"Should I stand on my head?" I joked. 

"We'll try that next time if this didn't work." He smiled, and leaned down and kissed me. "I'll lock the door so no one disturbs you, okay?" 

"Okay, thanks, Honey." 

"I've got a little bit of paperwork to do and then I'll take you home." 

"My, you are a full-service doctor, aren't you?" 

"I am for my wife." 

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