Ginie Joke

There are these three guys stranded on a deserted

island. They run into a genie lamp and decide to rub

it. Out comes the genie. Since there are three men

the genie decides to grant each of them one wish.


The first guy is thinking about his wife and kids and

how much he misses being with them. So he wishes that

he could be home with his family. Poof, he's gone.


The second guy is thinking about how much he misses

all of his drinking buddies and going out and partying

with them. So he wishes that he could be at the bar

with his friends. Poof he's gone.


The third guy is thinking really hard...he thinks,

I don't have any family and I don't have any friends.

I feel so lonely right now....

I wish those other two guys were back here with me.




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