Good, Bad and Worse

Bad : You find a porn movie in your son's room.
Worse : You're in it.
Bad : Your children are sexually active.
Worse : With each other.
Bad : Your husband's a cross-dresser.
Worse : He looks better than you.
Bad : Your wife's leaving you.
Worse : For another woman.
Bad : Your wife is sick.
Worse : Of you.

Bad : Your unit only measures out to be 2 inches long.
Worse : Erect!!!
Bad : Your husband has become a playboy.
Worse : Centerfold.
Good : Hot outdoor sex.
Bad : You're arrested.
Worse : By your husband.
Good : The teacher likes your son.
Bad : Sexually.
Good : You go to see a strip show.
Bad : Your daughter's the headline.
Good : Your daughter practices safe sex.
Bad : She's eleven.
Good : Your wife meets you at the door nude.
Bad : She's coming home.
Good : Your wife just experience her first orgasm.
Bad : With the postman.
Good : Your wife's got a flat stomach.
Bad : And a matching chest.

Good : Your wife's got a large breast.
Bad : And a matching ass.
Good : Your wife reminds you of your mother.
Bad : In bed.
Good : Your girlfriend's got soft, long, blonde hair.
Bad : Under her arms.
Good : Your daughter's boss raves about her work.
Bad : He's a pimp.
Good : Your son just graduated from high school.
Bad : He's 27.

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