Here is some graphics and wallpaper for you to download.
It's FREE and all the graphic is originally created by me
This is original graphics and it is not taken from other websites.
I will create one graphic per day and please come back to check and download
You also can send your website graphics to me for optimization for faster loading...
This also is FREE service. Please send it to my email biggaz@webave.com and
i will
send it back to you once it's done....

-sam firdaus-

( to download - open the link, just right click on the image
and save into your hard drive )

* Starting from 9/9/2000

Date Wallpaper Graphics for Web 

Click The Button 800x600 640x480 

Background For Presentation

Please download the tutorial/sample slideshow
first to view how the background fit into slides.


Colour Your Mind 800x600 640x480

Complete Website Graphics incl. mouse over HTML code



Bird 800x 600 640x480

blackbg1   blackbg2