Within that risible sitcom Pearl there was a true gem just waiting to be

discovered - Lucy Liu. And that theory has been borne out, for while the

Rhea Pearlman vehicle eventually ended up in a ditch, the aggresively sexy Liu

has s gone from strength to strength. Despite a fairly ignominous start

as a waitress in Beverly Hills 90210's Peach Pit, Liu - a graduate of the

University Of Michigan -has of late found her star very much in the ascendent

It's the double whammy of her psyochotically rapacious role in Ally McBeal and

her leather clad figure in Payback that's shot her within shouting distance

of the top ten. And it seems she's now also in close proximity to big screen stardom.

She's latest Clint Eastwood headliner True Crimes, and will next be seen

in Austins Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me.

It's admirable that although she could have taken a slighty easier route

and applied her stunning talent to breaking Hongkong

(she appeared in a 1991 Aaron Kwok movie Rhythm of Destiny )

she instead stuck it out in Hollywood. A desicion which she's now

collecting the dividends on.



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